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Storms with gentle rain may appear pleasant to imagine, however, in reality, the damages a storm can cause to your home or office building are an entirely different matter. Few circumstances can lead to major damages quicker than the storm itself.

If you live in Florida and a recent storm has damaged your property, MasterPro Restoration - a fully licensed and insured restoration company- is fully equipped to serve you. We have been serving Pensacola, Navarre, Rosemary Beach, and other surrounding cities in our Florida service area for a long time. Call us at 817-241-3239.

Storm Damage Restoration

Why Do Many Home & Business Owners Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Response Team
  • Arrival within 90 minutes
  • Free estimate with free moisture inspection and thermal imaging scans
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Assistance in filing Insurance Claim
Insurance Claim Assistance by RestorePro Restoration

Insurance Claim Assistance by MasterPro Restoration

When a property sustains storm damage, let it be a house or a commercial building, taking care of the restoration process, and dealing with insurance claims at the same time, is not easy. Therefore, at MasterPro, our restoration specialists directly work with your insurance provider and make sure proper claim is filed.

Common Property Damages Caused by Storms

Common Property Damages Caused by Storms
  • Roof Damage: Being your home’s first defense against hailstorm, your roof takes the heavy burnt of rain. Sometimes there may be no self-evident issues taking place after a storm however, your roof might still have notable damages such as leaks. For metal roofs, it is likely to show dings and dents. The granules on the shingles can shake free and drop off in some cases shingles altogether may fall.
  • Window & Door Damage: Broken glass from window panes, skylights, and doors is one of the few primary property damages caused by a heavy storm
  • Siding Damage: Harms done to sidings are mostly cosmetic, still serious damage can cause leaks and cracks
  • Water Damage: The granules on the shingles that shake free and drop off, are more likely to cumulate in your gutter downspouts. As a result, water backs up. In addition to that, losing shingles and shattered windows during a severe storm can also lead to a flood in your house

MasterPro is Your Storm Damage Restoration Company

MasterPro Restoration has been serving both residential and commercial customers in DestinPanama City Beach, Lynn HavenFort Walton Beach, and other cities throughout our service area for many years. We do not only restore your property we also work with your insurance company to handle your claim. Simply dial 817-241-3239 or contact us online and avail of our services today.