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Slow leaks or drips are common in appliances that continuously hold or filter water, resulting in flooding and water damage. A flood caused by an appliance leak is one of the most frustrating situations a homeowner can face. As water is often allowed to flow freely, leaks of this nature can cause serious damage. 

When a household appliance breaks down and starts to leak, the damage it causes to your home can be expensive. MasterPro Restoration is here to help. We are an effective restoration company that provides water damage restoration of all kinds, including appliance leak clean-up services. We are ready to get your home dried out after a water heater leak and your property restored to its pre-damage state.

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Causes of Appliance Leak

Many homeowners don't realize they don't have a fully functioning appliance until a major problem occurs. Below are a few of the common ways appliances leak water:

  • Water Heater: Water heaters can have several leak issues, including cracked or damaged pipes, loose fittings, or a leaking tank. Water heaters can also burst and pour dozens of gallons of water into your home instantly.
  • Washing Machine: Washing machine hoses are pressurized, and many homeowners leave the water supply on when it's not in use. This can lead to burst lines that spill large amounts of water on the floor.
  • Dishwasher: A dishwasher leak will generally be caused by the drain line or the supply line. Drain line leaks can either be slow or fast, and they often contain bacteria in the line. Supply lines are under heavy water pressure, and these leaks result in overflows that can damage the floor.
  • Heating & Cooling Equipment: Air conditioning units are prime candidates for leaks, which is why it's important to have a professional inspect all aspects of the system for leaks, damage, and blockages. These leaks are often slow and behind the walls and ceiling, meaning they can be difficult to find, and mold growth is likely.
  • Refrigerator: Refrigerators with built-in ice makers have a supply line of water. As with dishwashers, this line can burst and cause a significant leak. Fridges also can experience slow leaks from the base, which will take longer to notice and can easily cause mold growth

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