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Flooded Basement Restoration & Cleanup in Destin, Florida

Flooded Basement Restoration & Cleanup

Due to low elevation, your basement is likely to be flooded first during a water emergency or severe storm if it rains heavily in Destin, Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach, and other cities throughout our service area. For residential and commercial customers throughout the Florida Panhandle, standing water in your basement is not only messy and damaging but can also be dangerous if not addressed ASAP.

When your basement has been flooded, you should call MasterPro Restoration so that the damage does not get worse. Our IICRC-certified technicians provide top-notch flooded basement cleanup & restoration services within our service area. To learn more, call 850-204-5352 or click here to schedule an appointment today!

Specialized Flooded Basement Service in Fort Walton Beach

Extensive basement flooding causes considerable damage to the flooring, building materials, and items in your basement. It can also cause mold or mildew growth which is detrimental to your health.  If you experience a flooded basement in Okaloosa County or Bay County, call MasterPro ASAP to provide flood damage restoration. Our process includes:

Specialized Flooded Basement Service
  • Finding the Source of the Flooding: The first step is to find the source of the basement flooding and stop more water from coming in.  Once our professionals find the source, they fix it and form a restoration plan based on the level of flooding and damage. 
  • Inform your Insurance Provider: The insurance coverage in regards to flood damage varies and depends on certain factors such as the cause of the flooding. We report the damage and their findings to your insurance company to help figure out coverage options.
  • Begin the Restoration: We start the flood damage restoration immediately after evaluating the damage. You should not have to wait several days for the restoration to begin after the initial evaluation.
  • Water Extraction: We have truck-mounted water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers to remove standing water and moisture from the affected materials including flooring, furnishings, and other objects.  These professionals also repair any damage caused by the excess water.
  • Sheetrock, Insulation, and Baseboards: Sheetrock and baseboards can absorb small amounts of water which can cause them to swell or buckle.  This can affect the wall framing as well as the insulation. We will remove these materials and save as much as we can.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection: Floodwater likely contains microorganisms that can be hazardous to your health and its presence can lead to mold growth.  Once the water is removed, our professionals use advanced cleaning products to clean and sanitize the area and materials affected by the flood.
  • Drying Process: After the floodwater is removed, we dry the wet materials with advanced drying equipment. We place air movers and dehumidifiers around the affected area as well as high-tech air scrubbers to remove odors and contaminants from the air. 
  • Mold Remediation: Many instances of basement flooding lead to mold growth. We also check for signs of mold and offer mold remediation services if there is a problem.
  • Restoration of the Damage: After the basement is dried and cleaned, our restoration professionals will inspect the structural damage and we are committed to restoring your basement to its original, pre-flood condition

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MasterPro Restoration- the Best for Flooded Basement Cleanup

From the initial inspection to the final step in your flooded basement restoration process, our MasterPro crews have got you covered for all types of restoration services. We can handle water damage restoration, disinfectionstorm damage restoration, and more! Our emergency response team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to serve customers in Destin, Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach, or any other city in our service area. For more details, call 850-204-5352 or click here to make an appointment today!