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Structural Damage Restoration & Repair in Destin, FL

Structural Damage Restoration & Repair

Structural damage is defined as any damage that compromises or affects the core integrity of your home or office. This includes the foundation, walls, roof, and load-bearing walls. When structural damage occurs, your property is in danger of collapse and needs structural damage restoration ASAP.

Regardless of whether your property is 50 years old or brand new, the IICRC-certified crews from MasterPro Restoration have the equipment, expertise, and experience to make your home or office structurally sound again in Destin, Panama City BeachFort Walton Beach, and other cities throughout our service area. For more information, call 850-204-5352 or click here to make an appointment.

Risks Associated with Structural Damage

Risks Associated with Structural Damage

Weakened or damaged structures pose danger to those who live in the building. What happens if a structural beam snaps from the weight of the house because its core wood is corroded from water and mold? A structural collapse will cost thousands of dollars in repairs and possibly lives. They must be reinforced ASAP if damaged.

Damaged crawl spaces and foundations can cause the house to settle. That means that the house will dip lower toward the ground on one side, leading to floor cracks or buckling walls. Structural restoration will identify, diagnose, and remediate those problems. It will restore the structural integrity of the building. 

When you schedule structural damage restoration services from MasterPro, our experts inspect the home for structural problems and work on appropriate solutions to restore the property. They will examine every aspect of the house. The team will check the integrity of walls and beams, and test the foundation. 

Trust Us to Fix Your Structural Damage in Destin & Fort Walton Beach

From the initial inspection to the final step in the structural restoration process, our experienced technicians at MasterPro Restoration take care of everything you need to bring your battered home or office back to its original condition in DestinPanama City BeachFort Walton Beach, or other cities within our service area. Our emergency crews are on call 24/7/365 and our restoration experts are skilled at handling water damage restorationmold remediationdisinfectionstorm damage restoration, and more! When you need our help, call 850-204-5352 or click here to make an appointment.